Join the world’s largest ecosystem of smart home IoT products

More than 2400 Z-Wave certified products are available worldwide.
Over 700 companies have made Z-Wave their smart protocol of choice.
Here’s why:

monitoring_bundleRemote Home Monitoring

The twenty-first century home incorporates a broad selection of monitoring and control technologies that create a safer, easier, and more convenient living experience, at prices the average homeowner or renter can easily afford. While this world of smart products spans many different device types, consumers want the convenience of a single application to control it all — from anywhere. That’s where Z-Wave comes in.

Z-Wave is powering the lucrative and fast-expanding markets for home monitoring by providing hardware and software with a common language, featuring well-defined classifications and commands, that work for more than 2400 (and growing) interoperable smart products of every type. Only Z-Wave offers a product ecosystem that can span all the needs of the remotely controlled and monitored smart home.

energy_bundleEnergy Management

Z-Wave is a key element in the home energy equation. The Z-Wave Alliance and its membership have successfully demonstrated a OpenADR2.0a / Z-Wave demand response system for multi-dwelling units. This provides complete building control, automation and energy management, including demand response programs using a variety of technologies, including OpenADR, Smart Energy Profile, and Z-Wave control.

For consumers, Z-Wave control lets home systems and even individual devices and power strips operate with optimal efficiency. Smart climate, lighting, and window coverings add up to substantial cost savings each month. More importantly, Z-Wave provides the consumer with quantified data that lets them decide how to manage costly household energy, and build more efficient habits that save money and the planet.

security_bundleSafety & Security

Z-Wave technology is the dominant smart home protocol for the security industry. In fact, more than 90% of the North American security company-based lifestyle solutions are powered by Z-Wave, including virtually all the market leaders. Z-Wave’s mature, optimized, and robust technology is ideal for mission-critical security applications for home and business.

The key to Z-Wave’s adoption by the vast majority of the security industry’s lifestyle solutions is its large ecosystem of certified interoperable products. Z-Wave offers over 2400 products from over 700 different companies. Businesses and customers need to know that they have choices when selecting products, and are not tied to the success and business plans of any one supplier. The Z-Wave ecosystem provides choice and flexibility, as well as rock-solid security.