Get Certified

Interoperability between all Z-Wave products
is the cornerstone of the brand.

In order to make this brand promise to developers, customers, and consumers, there is a straight-forward certification program in place. All Z-Wave products must be certified before commercial launch. When the certification requirements have been met, products can feature the Z-Wave interoperability logo badges.


Official badges for Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Certified products

There are 2 components to Z-Wave certification. Technical certification is managed through Sigma Designs utilizing an independent 3rd party test house. Market Certification is managed through the Z-Wave Alliance.

The certification process is simple:
  1. Purchase a development kit from one of the distributors listed here and gain access to the Z-Wave technical site where all the specifications for certification are spelled out.
  2. Join the Z-Wave Alliance as a full member, as this is a requirement for market certification. Consider this step early in your development process, in order to take advantage of the many benefits in the Alliance that can speed your time to market. The marketing guidelines for certification are here.
  3. Request access to the web-based Z-Wave Plus Certification Portal and start a device submission to help identify all of the certification requirements.
    a) Select one of the independent test houses to perform the testing.
    b) Use the integrated Wiki to see the test specifications for your device.
  4. Download the Certification Test Tool (CTT) tool from the Z-Wave Technical website (ZTS) and use it during product development to test and verify your Z-Wave implementation.
  5. After ensuring a compliant product, finalize and submit your form on the portal.  A case number is automatically assigned as soon as it is submitted.  You can start working with the test house as soon as your submission has been reviewed and approved.
  6. Start your Market Certification on the Z-Wave Alliance’s website as soon as you have a case number.
  7. Device certifications are issued after the device has passed the technical tests AND the Market Certification has been approved by the alliance.
  8. After approval, launch your product into the interoperable Z-Wave ecosystem, which enjoys over 70% market share in the smart home.