Controller Development Kits

Easily Create Feature-Rich, IoT-Enabled
Z-Wave Controllers

Economical Development and Fast Time To Market

The Z-Wave controller developers kit gives you the fastest and easiest path to develop feature rich Z-Wave controller applications. It includes both the Z/IP Gateway and Z-Ware offering as full source code releases, which you can use and/or modify for your own Z-Wave Controller products.


  • Gateways
  • Set-top boxes
  • Televisions
  • Consumer electronics
  • Cloud-based services


  • SDKs contains full source code
  • One kit covers all Z-Wave regions
  • Access to Z-Wave technical website
  • Industry-standard TI BeagleBone™
  • License to use Z-Wave technology world-wide

Purchase Your Dev Kit

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Intelligence in the Home

z-wave_controller_dev_kit_ce_sdkThe Z-Wave for CE SDK contains all the software building blocks needed to design a Smart Home solution. It shields the developer from the complexity of the Z-Wave protocol, and represents all the devices in the Z-Wave Network as software objects that the developer can easily manipulate.

The Z/IP Gateway is included with a host-build environment in Ubuntu Linux, creating targets for the TI BeagleBone Black. The Z/IP Gateway connects to a UZB controller reference design as in default mode, however, all of the 500 series modules and SoCs can be used with the Z-Wave for CE SDK, and SerialAPI binaries are included in the kit.

The included Z-Ware C library is offered with an easy-to-understand C API for that allows developers to easily design and/or customize applications.

z-wave_controller_dev_kit_uzbz-wave_controller_dev_kit_ti_beagleboneIncluded Hardware for the CE SDK
  • 3x UZB USB Stick Bridge Controller
  • 1x E HW – contains EU protocol
  • 1x U HW – contains US protocol
  • 1x H HW – contains JP protocol
  • 1x TI BeagleBone™ Black

z-wave_controller_dev_kit_portal_sdk_600Intelligence in the Cloud

The Z-Ware for Portal SDK contains an evaluation server running on Ubuntu Linux, which combines Z-Ware and Z-Ware Apps with standard technology, such as OpenLDAP and Apache Server, to form a starting point for portal solution developers.

The Z-Ware Portal is designed to serve a Z/IP Gateway, such as the ZIPR or the Z/IP Gateway from the Z-Wave for CE SDK. All the components of the server are offered as source code, with a build environment for Ubuntu Linux.

Hardware for the Portal SDK
  • Z-Ware Middleware running on Beaglebone™ Black with UZB
  • 1x E HW – contains EU protocol
  • 1x U HW – contains US protocol
  • 1x H HW – contains JP protocol
For RF Testing and De-Bugging
  • 3x ZDB5101 E/U/H
  • 1x UZB-S – USB Stick Network-Sniffer