Z-Wave Service Providers

Service Providers

Open New Markets

Z-Wave's product portfolio has a fully interoperable ecosystem of over 1200 products that service providers can bundle to deliver sticky services to their customers.

Z-Wave is used by 9 of 10 leading security companies in America. Z-Wave is inside over 35 million products worldwide. Z-Wave is powering the world's leading brands.

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Z-Wave Gateway Controller

Gateway Controller

Value & Functionality

When Z-Wave is added to a router or controller device a whole new world of services and opportunities arise. These new services are fueling huge growth in the home security and monitoring industries. The routers and controllers are the heart of enabling this world of Z-Wave and are uniquely positioned to drive the everyday Internet of Things.

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Z-Wave Embedded Devices

End Devices

Internet of Things

Making the Internet of Things happen, one device at a time. Join us in the Z-Wave revolution! Sigma's SoC and module solutions make developing Z-Wave powered products easy. The Internet of Things (IoT) would be nothing without the "everyday things" that our partners build. There are currently over 35 million Z-Wave devices on the market. What will you build?

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Z-Wave Smart TV

Smart Television

Turn-key Solutions

Sigma Designs provides Z-Wave turn-key home control solutions designed specifically for the Smart TV market.

Z-Wave technology helps Smart TV manufacturers add whole home control and connectivity from the best seat in the house. Consumer electronics companies can differentiate themselves with revolutionary Z-Wave technology.

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The Leading Wireless Technology for Home Control and Monitoring

Z-Wave makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats "smart". Z-Wave products "talk" to each other wirelessly and securely to remotely control applications in residential and light commercial environments. Z-Wave products can be accessed and controlled on your phone, tablet, smart TV, laptop or desktop. With over 1000 interoperable products, Z-Wave is the leader in remote home control and monitoring.

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Trusted Technology, Large Ecosystem and Robust Certification

Z-Wave technology provides industry leading reliability, ease of installation, a history of 12 years with the best brands and products on the market. Our Ecosystem of partners is larger than any other home control technology and growing rapidly. The Z-Wave standard is supported by a strong alliance and proven interoperability testing, product certification and branding programs.

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